Baltimore, Maryland.

The Captain had me watching corners in the ‘jects for weeks now, but I hadn’t spotted anything besides hoppers slinging when…

Oh, wait. Is this not an appropriate venue for my The Wire fan-fic? Well, the only other Baltimore-related thing I have to talk about of late is the BitGen Gamer Fest, which happened at the the end of July. The one-day festival focuses on video game inspired music by showcasing bands who work in the genre while providing a variety of playable games. Here’s a video of the event:

Going on its seventh year, the annual event held on the East coast is built on the idea of a non-stop music show and ends up going long into the night. It’s good to see that among bigger events like PAX and ComicCon, smaller events like MineCon, MAGFest, and BitGen are allowing people into that culture different options. If you’re interested in attending next summer’s show, you can keep up with the festival on its official site here.