With August almost at its midpoint (time flies when you’re playing Darksiders II, huh?), another few weeks of PlayStation Plus content has been revealed.

To round out the month, Sony is offering a few new free games for your instant game collection as well as a number of reduced price offers.  First on the docket, available now for the wonderful price of $0, are two PlayStation Network titles.  Outland and Bloodrayne Betrayal can both be downloaded for free as you read this, so we’ll forgive anyone who steps away to snatch up these two well-received platformers.  Additionally, subscribers can download new PSN title Papo & Yo for 20% off at $11.99

Next Tuesday, August 21, does not deliver any new free games but promises a slew of sales to those itching to stretch their trigger fingers.  PSN title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will also receive a 20% discount to $11.99.  Those with PS Plus will also receive access to the Dust 514 beta in addition to 50% the Mercenary pack add-on for in-game currency.  Fear not, any purchases made during the beta will transfer over to the full title.

Last but not least, a host of Natsume titles will be 50% off for those looking to dust off their PSPs.  The list is comprised of Adventures To Go!, Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl, Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley, Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon, and Reel Fishing: The Great Outdoors.  All of the offerings will be $7.50 for the duration of the sale.

Sony also promises an update for August 27, though those details will come later.  In the meantime, I will definitely be picking up Outland, for which I have sadly not found the time to play.  And as always, if you’re looking to extend your backlog just a little more, make sure to subscribe to PlayStation Plus.