In other ‘Star’-based franchise news today, another trailer for Star Wars 1313 has been released and is totally worth looking at as it’s a very pretty thing to look at. Here it is:

The footage mixes cut-scenes and gameplay with a disappointingly heavier emphasis on the former and neither showing anything revelatory that we hadn’t heard about from E3 2012 already.  Lasers will be shot. Cover will be taken. Robots will get punched. Jumps will be made.

Mechanically, it doesn’t look particularly interesting (though I hope the prospect of the bounty hunter’s gadgets will change that), but it sure is a great looking game. As one of the things that I don’t like about getting into new fantasy/sci-fi universes is how much everything blurs together at one point (as in, I use Andraste’s Ashes on the Dragon Born to shut down the Blight Gates, right?) it’s good to see a new take on a familiar place; the sky-scraper filled worlds of Star Wars allow for a lot of stories in their lower levels.

If my assumption that some smug. self-congratulatory marketing person is running the department over at LucasArts is correct, you can probably expect Star Wars 1313 to come out in 2013. (GET IT? BECA– USE 13 IS IN THE TITLE!)