Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is looking impressive, even for a series that has been one of the most successful franchises in recent history.  Having shown these shooters have some originality left in them, as noted in our E3 preview, the Call of Duty franchise is storming the beaches of Gamescom to deliver news and, as importantly, visual proof of its advances.

The new screenshots of the game, which you can check out below, show off a bit of how multiplayer works in the upcoming sequel.  The screens show off moments in Capture the Flag matches, as well as how drones will factor into the battlefield.  There is also, most intriguingly for me at least, an interesting shot of a bridge skirmish that looks to put players in the midst of a heated and bloody warzone.

It appears Activision is hoping to push Black Ops 2 aggressively at Gamescom, as both this title and the PlayStation Vita exclusive Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified have both received a fair amount of coverage at the event.  And with the announcement of some radical changes to the multiplayer, like the Pick 10 system being introduced.

Giving players 10 points, combatants must choose a weapon loadout that does not exceed those ten points, but can be customized in nearly any manner the player desires.  Naturally, a player cannot, for example, only carry grenades into battle, but with an addition like this, the multiplayer screenshots you can see below become much more telling.  And, despite not having been involved with the series in recent years, I am quite eager to get my hands on this altered multiplayer and go a few rounds with a likely high number of deaths.

via [Polygon]