Some more characters are popping up for the Monolith developed MOBA, Guardians of Middle-Earth. First up are two of the more popular characters, Legolas and the Witch King, shown in this video here:

Up next is Lothlorien queen Galadriel and… UIgluk? A dip into the LotR wiki says that the orc was the one to capture Merry and Pippin, making him part of the raiding group at Amon Hen. In any case, here’s the video highlight his and Galadriel’s roles and abilities:

Lastly- while there hasn’t been any video released for these two characters- are Arathorn and Runsig. Monolith went for the deep cuts here, with the former character being Aragorn’s father and the latter being a servant of the Witch King. We also know that Arathorn will have more assault based abilities while Runsig will act as a support character. You can catch some art for both of them and some other characters down below.

Guardians of Middle Earth will be coming to XBLA and PSN this fall.