In an attempt to make a splash down at Gamescom 2012, Trion updated their loyal players with the latest facts and art for the upcoming expansion, RIFT: Storm Legion.  In the latest bit of news, we’re reminded that Crucia, the Queen of Storms, is getting ready to rock the world of Telara like a hurricane. Since the loyal residents have all but wiped out her Blood Storm competition, the queen lies in wait to reveal her full power.

As mentioned back at E3, the new two new continents will be more than three times the size of the current maps with ten more levels and four more souls that will expand on the Ascended Class System and that will change the level cap from 50 to 60. There will also be seven new dungeons, three new raids and a brand new Chronicle.  Outside of these increases, another major development will be a take on player housing.

New Dimensions will be customizable spaces that will allow for both players and guilds to own a piece of the land. Just like with other major changes to RIFT, there will be new mounts, pets, titles and armoring including (drum roll, please) capes. That’s right; you’ll be finally able to wear capes, which is a pretty big deal.