The first gameplay trailer for the newest entry of the Spy Hunter franchise has been released. Watch it here:

The arcade classic that saw itself ported to everything everywhere (seriously, I’m pretty sure my toaster can run it), Spy Hunter received a couple of sequels back in the late eighties/early nineties, then received a reboot that included three games in the mid-aughts (one of them even featuring Dwayne Johnson from a tie-in movie that has yet to see the light of day). It seems this second reboot is taking its cues from the latter day series with mission-based levels and multiple traversal styles. While my fond memories of wheel-based arcade cabinets lean more to the fantastic APB, Spy Hunter apparently has enough nostalgic punch that WB Interactive—who picked up the IP back when it bought up most of Midway—is willing to give it a go.

You can start hunting spies this October on your PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS for $39.99.