Disney‘s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two may be awkwardly titled, but it continues to look promising with every snippet of information doled out by the developer Junction Point.  Now the studio, including creative director Warren Spector, have talked about an element key to Disney’s past success – the colorful characters.

In the behind-the-scenes peak below, the developers talk about how they worked to make Epic Mickey 2‘s characters as memorable as any Disney cast.  Oswald the Rabbit, of course, plays a much larger role this time around, and it’s interesting to see how Junction Point has translated cartoons from decades ago and stayed true to the original incarnation.  Oswald’s powers complement Mickey Mouse’s, and the team also delves into the magic behind the famous rodent’s paintbrush integral to the game’s branching pathways.

Several of the team members also elaborate what goes into crafting characters like Ortensia, Oswald’s love interest and one of the game’s strong female leads, or the villains known as Blotworx, a portmanteau of two equally imagined villain names.

The video doesn’t reveal much new about the title, but it is a clear demonstration of the level of imagination being built into this title.  Players will know for sure if the game does everyone’s favorite mouse justic when Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two releases on November 18 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.