Our love for Darksiders II continues, and that means we want to shower you with all sorts of things related to the game. In case you’ve been asleep and haven’t read our review of the masterpiece from THQ and Vigil Games, we really enjoyed our time on Death’s journey. Now, we’ve got some more goodies to give away.

You can win a code for the digital comic tie-in published by Dark Horse. Here’s how to enter:

1) Follow @RipTen on Twitter.

2) For one entry, tweet at us with the name of your favorite Possessed Weapon including relevant stats/effects and type (axe, hammer, etc.) You do not need to own the game to do this. You are allowed to be creative (but it helps to understand how the weapons work). Include this in your tweet, “Show @RipTen your best @Darksiders Possessed Weapon. #RipTenDS2ComicContest”

3) For a BONUS entry, tweet us a picture of Death wielding your favorite Possessed Weapon (please take a pic from the inventory menu so we can see the name). Again, include the name. We understand that PC users cannot rename weapons yet. It’s ok. We still want to see the stats and marvel. Include this in your tweet, “Show @RipTen your best @Darksiders Possessed Weapon. #RipTenDS2ComicContest”

This contest is open to all, with no geographical restrictions. Contest ends at 11:59 PM PDT TONIGHT! (8/17/2012)


We’re looking forward to seeing if someone can top my Possessed Axe… The Mohel!