Well, this is an interesting turn of events. Over on the Shoryuken forums, a well established community site for fighting games, it was revealed that Street Fighter X Tekken would not be making an appearance at the Evolution fighting game tournament in 2013.

Evolution, otherwise known as EVO, is quite possibly the largest fighting game tournament in the world, spanning many games over the course of three days in Las Vegas. A user by the name of “Mr. Wizard”, who is one of the organizers for EVO, announced with very little fanfare in a forum post that the game wouldn’t be making a return appearance, saying only that “SFxT will not be back in 2013.”

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No explanation has been provided, only the message that Street Fighter X Tekken will not be back. Mr. Wizard has been very vocal on his negative thoughts pertaining to the game, and considering he has yet to make any other posts since the one in question, many people are waiting on an explanation or more information.

We have reached out to the people behind the Evolution tournament series for an explanation and more formal confirmation of this information, and this story will be updated as we learn more about the situation.


  1. Sfxt is a great game but the Evo 2012 matches I viewed didn’t do the game any justice. It was mostly the fault of the competitors. They all picked the same safe characters, Ryu, Rolento, & Rufus. It was like watching the same match repeatedly, and its ashamed because the game is a lot more fun to watch than what was on display at Evo 2012.