It’s unfortunate that a labor of love often requires a bigger investment than just time, effort and the passion that inspired it. For instance, take Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. We’ve covered the ambitious indie project a couple of times in the recent past and now the game- on the precipice of completion- has set up a Kickstarter give the devs the final financial slack they need to step forward. Here’s the video of their pitch to distract you from how terribly mixed my metaphor was:

While Chivalry is not the only medieval combat game coming up, it does have a different enough approach that make it worth looking at. I think the project is important as it also explores FPS combat that consists of more than just gunplay. As a fan of Zeno Clash’s enjoyable (but sometimes broken) combat, I’ve been eager to see someone do melee right.

You can donate to the effort at the project’s Kickstarter page here. If you have a Windows copy of Half-Life 2, you can check out the game’s predecessor mod on Mod DB here.