If you’re a Nintendo DS owner with a penchant for role-playing games, The World Ends With You is an essential addition to your collection. Developed in part by the Square Enix team responsible for the Kingdom Hearts series, this stylish action RPG remains one of the best-of-breed games on the platform. Despite being well received by critics and commercially successful on both sides of the pond, this new IP has been dormant since the game’s 2008 release. However, there is a strong indication from Square Enix that this is about to change.

Fans who visit a sub-page of the Square Enix website will be greeted with a countdown clock, which is at approximately 6 days and 12 hours at the time of this writing. The website doesn’t give any specific  clues as to what the countdown is for, however fans reading between the lines will see connection with The World Ends With You. The name in the webpage link is “Subaseka”, which appears to be a truncated version of the game’s Japanese title, Subarashiki Kono Sekai. Additionally, the background image is done in the style very reminiscent of The World Ends With You, and the music playing is also from the original game’s soundtrack. In short, the connection is impossible to miss.

Despite knowing (or at least making an educated assumption) that this announcement pertains to The World Ends With You, it is still unclear exactly what Square Enix has planned. A sequel is the first thing that leaps to mind, and in truth, we are well overdue for one. A sequel on the 3DS would be fantastic, or perhaps a brand new game on a console. Both are strong possibilities, however it could end up being something completely different. Regardless, we’ll find out what this countdown is for in just under a week. Stay tuned, people.