Perfect World Entertainment, best known for their internationally released game Perfect World, has recently been on the grind about promoting the latest addition to their family, RaiderZ. Pronounced ‘raiders’ (as far as I can tell), the MMORPG that’s still in closed beta is all about, well, raiding. Not raiding in the traditional sense, mind you, as you get a giant group of people together and face-roll to clear content with point-and-click game mechanics.

RaiderZ has instead taken their p’s and q’s from games like Monster Hunter, DCUO, Vindictive and TERA instead. The action-based game incorporates a non-targeting system and a very straightforward story concept. You’ll be spending your time running around and hunting absurdly large monsters while being forced to work together or die in a fiery blaze.

“Players can look forward to battling and hunting a myriad of huge monsters that require strategy, skill, and in most cases teamwork.”

PWE has been on the rise by acquiring several titles and studios including Cyptic’s Champions Online and Star Trek Online, as well as Runic’s upcoming Torchlight II. If you are interested in learning more about RaiderZ, we suggest checking out our recent interview with the game’s producer, Rüdiger Moersch.