While I’ve enjoyed some great titles for the PlayStation Vita thus far, it appears the market at large has not exactly taken to Sony‘s portable as easily.  Sadly, it appears that trend has continued even with the console’s recent worldwide sales numbers.

Up to and including June 30, the Vita has sold 2.2 million units worldwide.  Unfortunately, that number of consoles moved does not quite match up to Sony’s competition.  Its closest competitor, Nintendo‘s 3DS, had already sold 3.61 million units through March of this year, which included only five days on sale in the United States and a little over a month since its launch in Japan.  Granted, the system had the incredible power of the DS name behind it to help move systems but that was a much smaller window than the Vita has had to date.

The Vita’s lifespan since its release in Japan is about eight months.  In a comparable period for the 3DS, around September 2011, Nintendo’s handheld sold 6.68 million units.  The 3DS did enjoy a boon in this time period, as these numbers take into consideration one month following the console’s price drop, but this is still a wide gap for the Vita to attempt to close.

Thankfully, the system does have a few heavy hitters this holiday season.  With the Cross Buy functionality, PlayStation 3 owners can obtain free copies of marquee Sony offerings like Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.  Bundles will also be made available to entice consumers, included the above pictured Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation bundle and the possibility of a package including the system and Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified.

Whether this will be enough for Sony to dig a little deeper into the handheld market, time will tell but the rest of 2012 will certainly be a telling era for the system.

via [Joystiq]