One of the PlayStation 3‘s more intriguing upcoming titles is the FTP MMFPS Dust 514.  I know you’re saying, “English, mother******, do you speak it?”  So in layman terms, CCP Games’ free-to-play massively-multiplayer first-person shooter has reached a new phase of its pre-launch beta testing, which includes an introduction of one of the game’s major components.

PlayStation Plus owners can currently enjoy Dust 514‘s closed beta in addition to those already testing out the title, and at the moment there are no others ways of joining the fray.  Players who are part of the game can now experience the “Precursor” release, which may entice a few more subscribers.  Chief among them is the first steps toward integrating the shooter with the PC-only MMO EVE Online.  The goal is to, of course, connect the two economically, which would be an impressive feat given how integral the financial system of EVE is to its players.

The update also includes a number of other updates, including keyboard and mouse support for those more accustomed to that control scheme, instant matchmaking, brand new environments in which to wreak havoc and the Orbital Strike framework.  This system intends to allow EVE players to launch strikes on a planet in the Dust landscape while the shooters on the ground supply data to the other players.  The introduction of connectivity like this should go a long way in the testing of how these unique systems will operate with a larger player base than the development team.

If you cannot take part in the beta or have yet to jump in, check out the screens below and check out the galactic mayhem being caused.  And if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber, make sure to join in the beta before it ends on September 4.