A few weeks ago we found out that the popular ArmA 2 mod, DayZ, will be hitting digital shelves as a standalone title. Since then, mod creator Dean “Rocket” Hall has elaborated on what’s in store for the upcoming title, talking about pet dogs, ragdoll physics and Red Faction-esque destruction mechanics.

DayZ will allow players to create underground structures that can be continuously tinkered with, expanding and improving on them in numerous ways. These structures will be instanced, keeping them in a separate world from the above-ground battlefield. Hall mentions building objects like generators, air conditioners and a hydroponics lab.  Some of this is probably just him spit balling concepts, but it gives a good idea of the direction he wants to take the building mechanic.

Players will be able to “tame” dogs and keep them as pets that will grow and level with the player. They will be able to track zombies and other players, as well as sniff out threats and act out various other commands.

Hall describes DayZ as “ArmA 2.5,” saying that the title will have ragdoll physics, but they will not be as advanced as those in ArmA III. The game will also utilize atmospheric elements like real-time weather and lighting.

Ironically, for a game born out of a mod, the standalone version of DayZ will not ship with mod support.  Hall wants to ensure that they can provide a stable and reliable experience before they allow players to tamper with things.  In return, the original ARMA II mod will be opened up for players to do as they please, running their own servers and installing mods and what not.

DayZ is currently on schedule for an October or November PC release.

via[Cinema Blend]