Just when you thought you were safe from the zombie trend as it slowly died down, interesting zombie-themed experiences like Telltale’s The Walking Dead game and Arma II mod “Day-Z” come along and get everyone hyped again.  Undead Labs‘ State of Decay continues the trend, as shown in this trailer:

According to the game’s site, “State of Decay is an open sandbox world that develops in real-time, dynamically generating content on your actions” within the frame of a third-person action game.  While this sounds exciting, the video highlighting characters drop-kicking zombies conveys a much different tone than the more somber, solitary one that has made both The Walking Dead and “Day-Z” popular.  Add to that the fact that the game’s site lists “sweet action” as a feature point, and this is clearly a different type of game; not bad, just different.

You can expect State of Decay on your Xbox 360 and PC, though the game has no release information yet.