Borderlands 2 is almost here. In just over three weeks, we’ll be wubbing and shooting and dancin’ (I’m dancin’!) on our return to Gearbox Software’s idyllic (read: deadly) planet of Pandora. Randy Pitchford and team have dug deep into the vaults of their Texas studio to find this rare gem. The original The Border Lands features all four characters making their (re)debut on September 18. There are skags, bandits and rakks and gun crates with all manner of weapons (though likely not the “bazillions” featured in the more contemporary titles).

While the characters have their signature special abilities, each is rated on attack, speed and health. Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, flame throwers and Eridian weapons are available for pick up, often having modifiers for elemental damage and firing pattern (focused, random, spread, etc.). Finishing each wave nets a cash bonus, which is how your final score and leaderboard position are determined. Your character will level up by killing and earning experience, which seems to be the only way you can refill your health. In classic arcade style, you’re afforded three lives, so make ’em count.

So, why don’t you catch a ride over to and check out this very cool demake.