While I don’t play MMOs, I’m constantly fascinated by the business maneuvers the companies running those games are making to attract and keep players. Today’s story is about the high monarch itself, World of Warcraft. In anticipation of the “Mists of Pandaria” release, Blizzard has slashed the price of the series by 75%. This means that the WoW Battle Chest that contains the base game and the “Burning Crusade” expansion go for $5, as does the “Wrath of the Lich King“- the second expansion. The most recent expansion- “Cataclysm“- goes for $10. “Mists of Pandaria” will cost $39.99 on release date.

As the drop in players since “Cataclysm” has been way more drastic than the dip between “WotLK” and “Cataclysm”- almost 2 million versus a half million- a new expansion has been expected to reinvigorate the base. Whether “Mists of Pandaria” will manage to do this or not will become a little more evident on its release date, September 25th this year on PCs. You can check out the cuts at the Blizzard store here.


  1. Um, that was a temporary sale there buddy…they are back up in price now. They do that every so often to encourage people to invite friends (or second accounts, I have three of them myself). Maybe you should write stories about how stores are doing poorly because they have Black Friday sales.

    • Hey Mazlu, I played World of Warcraft for several years at a very high level and I saw nothing wrong with what he wrote. He never said it was a permanent discount. Erandi reported the information as it was delivered to him via the Blizzard press release. Thanks for the comment.

  2. What do you expect in a game with several expansions that require all of them to play the real game (end game)? If you are just starting out, you will get little real value from burning crusade and wrath. If each of them stayed full price it would be impossible to get new subscribers as it would cost hundreds of dollars to catch up.

  3. WoW isn’t going far with Free to Play market getting bigger and bigger every day it passes… They should do the same that NCsoft done to Aion… Old players have access to all content and new players have some restrictions…