It’s undeniable that eSports are growing in popularity across the globe. Fighting games, first-person shooters, MOBAs and, of course, real-time strategies are the battlegrounds for intense competitions among the world’s best players. Red Bull (yes, the people who give you wings) are hoping to further evolve the concept by building in a chance for spectators to influence the games.

In conjunction with PAX Prime next week, the Red Bull LAN Seattle is a Starcraft II competition that will be held from Thursday August 30 through Saturday September 1 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Eight of the world’s best players will be facing off on three different custom maps created in conjunction with Blizzard. Each has a unique theme (Fire, Jungle and Storm) that will test the tactics of these strategic masterminds.

The big twist is that viewers will have the chance to vote on game-changing elements that will force players to adapt. Each night, there will be seven different options for spectators to weigh in on. These can effect troops or, in the case of the Planet Cracker weapon, provide a hazard that the competitors will need to navigate around or face annihilation. These audience-driven disruptions will force these top-tier generals off their game plans and give them an opportunity to prove who can think the quickest.

If you’re a PAX badge holder, you can get in to see the proceedings live. Of course, the matches will be streamed. You can find out more about Red Bull LAN Seattle, the competitors and the the audience participation element on the official website here.