Whether you follow the debates and political coverage vigorously or not, the presidential election season is here in the United States yet again.  With it comes the usual media that pokes fun at the candidates or portrays them in a less serious fashion, including a newly released iOS game.  Most following the election, however, would likely not expect that game to come from the team behind Infinity Blade.

Vote!!!, developed by Chair Entertainment in conjunction with the Video Game Voters Network and Rock the Vote, is now available for the low price of free.  Creative director over at Chair, Donald Mustard, spoke with Polygon about how this strange follow-up came about as a quick passion project in between Infinity Blade 2 and the studio’s next major release.  The team had a more accessible notion in mind for the title despite it being built on the same engine as the Infinity Blade franchise, calling it “a blend of Infinity BladeBejeweled Blitz and an endless runner.”

The goal of the game is to choose a presidential candidate, customize them with weapons, an outfit and some kind of skill boosts and take them into the ring of battle.  That ring can vary from the White House front lawn, as pictured above, to a debate floor to even the Oval Office (just don’t mess up the carpet).  Players must attempt to survive in the 60-second rounds without being hit by their opponent, gaining more points the loneger they go unscathed.  These points then translate into votes that the player can cast for their favored candidate, with an in-game scoreboard tallying the worldwide voting totals.

With an app like this, the temptation to create a heavily politicized game is certainly present, but Chair worked to develop a title focused on fun and education rather than demonstrating a political stance.  In a smart move, neither candidate has stats, rather all of the gameplay will be based on a player’s ability.  The game also takes a decidedly light-hearted tone, as weapons include the Constitution and the boosts have monikers like Health Care and Super PAC.  And, to help promote real world voting and not simply its virtual representation, the app also can walk players through how to vote as well as point them in the direction of helpful voter resources.

Whoever you may want to vote for, the game should provide some entertainment with a topic that is normally devoid of such comical fare.  While players should definitely take advantage of the additions that encourage actual voting, at the very least the game will answer the inevitable question of which presidential candidate would win in a fight.