As if I weren’t already excited enough for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Firaxis and 2K Games have unleashed a new trailer that highlights one of the game’s biggest selling points. As we mentioned in our PAX East and E3¬†previews of our E3 Best of Show winner, death during the alien invasion is forever. Upgrading your troops not only means they will be more fearsome on the battlefield, but also that losing them will hurt that much more.

In this trailer, you’ll get a look at a Bubba Blue-esque litany of ways the noble men and women of XCOM can meet their end. Death by laser blast, death by incineration, death by a giant claw the face, death by… you get the picture. You can get blasted, burned and bashed for yourself when the XCOM: Enemy Unknown arrives for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 9, 2012.