Atlus announced today that it will be releasing a limited deluxe version of the upcoming Vita remake of 2008’s Persona 4. Called Persona 4: The Golden: Solid Gold Premium Edition, this bonus package will include several bonus items that were made available in Japan when the game launched there back in June:

  • The game: One of the best RPGs of all time is bigger and better than ever before, enhanced to take full advantage of the power of Vita.
  • Hori® Hard Pouch: Sturdily crafted and stylishly customized, this case has a flap for storing PS Vita cards that also guards the screen.
  • Hori® Face Cover: Offers lightweight yet effective protection without blocking any major ports, meaning you don’t have to take it off to play!
  • Protective Skin: Adorns your PS Vita with the stylish, vibrant aesthetics of Persona 4 Golden and also includes 8 matching character wallpapers. This same skin is being offered in limited quantities as a bonus for fans who pre-order P4G at participating retailers.
  • Stickers: Featuring some of the popular stars of Persona 4, these stickers can be used to decorate anything you can think of!

Of course, since there’s always a catch, keep this in mind: only 10,000 of these packages will be made available, so if you’re a huge Persona fan, get your pre-order in now. The Solid Gold edition will run you $69.99, as opposed to the standard edition’s $39.99, but factoring in the cost of the extras, it’s a pretty good deal. If you’re not that big a Persona fan, you can still get the protective skin and wallpapers if you pre-order the standard edition. Again, quantities are limited, so get your orders in now. If you’re unsure if it’s worth your money, you can check out shots of the contents below. It’s always good to make an informed decision.

The release of Persona 4: The Golden in Japan saw a huge spike in hardware sales for the PS Vita, and it remains one of the most popular games in the country. Anticipating comparable excitement here in North America, Atlus expects P4G to be the most pre-ordered single platform game in the company’s history, and are celebrating this fact with this exclusive offer. Whether or not their projections turn out to be true is anyone’s guess, but we’ll know for sure when Persona 4: The Golden hits the PS Vita on November 20th.