With the PlanetSide 2 beta in full swing (and registration still open) we believe it is time to do a little recap of media released this summer by the development team. The most impressive bit is, of course, the “Death Is No Excuse” trailer that premiered in July.

However, the most interesting piece (or rather, pieces) of media released into the Internet are the “Command Center” episodes. These features cover important events related to PlanetSide 2, offer sneak peeks behind the scenes and include pretty much everything else the hosts think is relevant to the game and its community. The anchors are no strangers to PlanetSide and the industry – they are Matt Higgey, Creative Director, and Tramell Isaac, Senior Art Director, who older gamers may also recognize as the Art Director for the previous PlanetSide (2003) and art lead for Fallout 2 (1998).

The most important points of the first episode of “Command Center” include a report on PlanetSide 2‘s appearance at E3, overview of the Infiltrator class and a behind the scenes look at Renegade Effects props and costumes that were created for the aforementioned E3 appearance.

The next episode summarizes one of the biggest community events organized for the game during Comic Con, that included publicity stunts with hair and shoes. Oh, and lots, lots of playing for fans. Further, it also offers a summary of the Light Assault class and an interview with Sterling Hammer from PlanetSide Universe.

The latest episode includes a behind the scenes look at the Death Is No Excuse trailer we included above, a report from the ChinaJoy excursion with Jonathan Weathers, user interface and systems designer for PlanetSide 2, and an interview with John “TotalBiscuit” Bane, another PlanetSide community celebrity.

PlanetSide 2 is an upcoming massive multiplayer online first person shooter, allowing players to side with one of three factions in the war for the planet of Auraxis. Key features of the game include large scale warfare in the spirit of its predecessor (which means battles with hundreds of players at once), vehicle and infantry combat, strategic metagame with persistent battlegrounds and a flexible, unlock-based class system with skill trees. The game will use the free-to-play business model.