With Steam Greenlight’s vetting process coming soon, I’ve been curious as to what kind of self-promotion indie devs would be doing to get their games noticed. One group of developers have decided to let everybody fall in love with the games by bundling them up and selling them for cheap. The Greenlight Bundle has no official ties to Steam’s project, but is labeled such as to make purchasers aware that if they want to vote up any of the eight games that come in package, they should do so.

Like most bundles, a two-tiered pay system affords different games. In the $1-$4 price range, you get Ichi, Muffin Knight, Dino Run SE, and Syder Arcade. Anything $5 or more nets you Samurai II Vengeance, Gunman Clive, Paper Monsters, and Guerrilla Bob. All games are DRM free for Windows and Mac.

You can check out the games and pick up the bundle at the official site here.