Remember when David O. Russell and Mark Wahlberg were going to turn the Uncharted movie into some sort of family treasure-hunting adventure like National Treasure? Whew, good thing they’re gone. Limitless director Neil Burger was then attached to helm the project, but he just dropped out, too. Oh, and Arad Productions got a new screenwriting duo working on the script – Marianne and Cormac Wibberley, the team behind the National Treasure movies. Wait, what?

The Wibberleys also wrote Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and the story for Bad Boys II, which doesn’t exactly fill me with hope. The project is director-less at the moment and Arad Productions is going to wait until the script is done before finding a new one. What about Peter Berg? The Rundown was a fun jungle adventure and The Kingdom had some solid action. Plus, after Battleship, he could use something to bounce back with. Cast Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake and you have your comeback.