Connectify, makers of the highly popular Hotspot software for turning computers into hot spots (Internet ones, that is), is working on an easy to use tool, Connectify Dispatch, that will allow people to combine Internet connections together in order to leverage their combined potential. To paraphrase the developers, if you’re already paying for Internet on your computer, smartphone and happen to sit in range of free Wi-Fi, why not use them all at once?

By using several connections simultaneously, users with Dispatch will be able to download data faster and more efficiently, regardless of source. In practical terms, this means that getting games through Steam (or any other download medium) will require less time. In fact, Connectify engineers put together a demonstration video, showing how Dispatch affects download rates on Steam when another Internet connection is added:

How does Dispatch work? Normally, users are limited to one active Internet connection at any given moment. Connectify’s new software allows one to use multiple individual Internet connections, which are then combined by the program into one, usable by the computer. This functions similarly to how a router makes all machines in a given network appear as a single one to the outside world.

The development of Connectify Dispatch is currently being crowdsourced via Kickstarter. It has already met its 50 000$ goal, guaranteeing the release of an user friendly PC version of Dispatch. The next goal, 250 000$, which will allow for the development of an OS X version, has not yet been funded.


    • Sounds like a scam, but Connectify is legit. I backed their Kickstarter because I’m a completely satisfied Connectify Hotspot user; their program works the way it’s supposed to, and it’s saved my ass (and the collective asses of my office co-workers) enough times to more than make up its cost.

      And now I’m happy to report that, as a backer for their Dispatch Kickstarter project, I’ll be getting lifetime subscriptions for this upcoming program AS WELL AS for Connectify Hotspot, too. Life is good.

  1. I saw this in N4G’s “Pending” section, and it looks pretty cool. If I can use my dorm connection and 4G connection at the same time, that’s a lot of bandwidth!

  2. I use paid sdispatch with steam and 3 networks. It never downloads faster then the fastest connection. The other two are nearly idle.