For any PlayStation Vita owners smart enough to pick up one of the system’s downloadable surprises, Tales from SpaceMutant Blobs Attack, developer DrinkBox Studios‘ followup Guacamelee! is certainly one to watch.  For those attending PAX this weekend, the game will be playable on the showfloor, but the developer has also released some information about the game’s integration of the PlayStation Vita when playing it on the PlayStation 3.

The Vita will actually work as a controller  for those less inclined to using the traditional DualShock setup.  DrinkBox cites the handheld’s impressive D-Pad as one of the reasons for integrating this feature, but perhaps more importantly, the Vita’s screen will also display the mini-map at all times.  Rather than having to pause into the game’s menu screen, the Vita offers the always present map, which can be a lifesaver as fans of the Metroidvania genre know.

DrinkBox knows it may not be the first to capitalize on such an opportunity, but the team is simply looking to offer as many ways to play as they can.  Again, if you’re attending PAX be sure to stop by Booth 772 to test out the game (look for the inflatable luchador, of course, which is set to release for both the PlayStation 3 and Vita.

via [IGN]