Although it was supposed to be a surprise announcement on August 26th, 2012,  it was revealed prematurely that the unique 2007 action role-playing game, The World Ends With You, will be released for iOS devices today, August 27with the subtitle Solo Remix.

The announcement was heralded by a mysterious teaser site with an even more mysterious countdown.  Now that the countdown is over, the game has been officially announced for the iPad and iPhone. The teaser site has now become a fully fledged homepage.  Among other features listed, the most important news is that the iOS release of The World Ends With You will be optimized for single display touch devices, complete with a revamped combat mode, rather than a simple port of original DS gameplay.  Graphics have also been updated, but rather than merely touching them up, they have been redrawn from scratch to match the high definition capabilities of the new hardware.  The game will also come with a sixty song soundtrack composed by Takeharu Ishimoto, including both music from the DS release as well as remixes and completely new music.

By now you may be asking yourself what is that premature reveal we speak of? Two days before the end of the countdown, Square Enix‘s own e-Shop broke the silence, by adding a direct mention of an iOS version of The World Ends With You in the listing for the game’s new soundtrack, which includes new iOS versions of classic songs from the game, arrangements of tracks from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance and new, original music created especially for the soundtrack.

The World Ends With You is a critically acclaimed Japanese action role playing game, released in 2007 exclusively for the Nintendo DS.  Inspired by modern Japanese culture and set in the cult district of Shibuya, it features an unique art style and gameplay, wrapped in a hip fantasy setting and story.  Be sure to grab it now for the price of $18 if you missed it in its original incarnation.

via [Neoseeker]