While recent weeks and events like Gamescom have brought word of some important PlayStation Plus upgrades, for the time being you’ll have to settle for major discounts and a new free game.  Sony promises more details about the PS Plus move to the PlayStation Vita and other interesting tidbits will arrive soon enough, but let’s look at what’s ahead through the first week of September.

To finish up August, Plus subscribers can enjoy discounts on three titles starting today, August 28.  The PlayStation Move title Lights, Camera, Party! is 50% off, down from $29.99 to only $15.00.  Space Channel 5: Part 2 has also been marked down for a savings of 40%, from $4.99 to $2.99.  Last but not least, the HD remake Spelunker HD is 50% off, only costing $5.00.  The game’s DLC has also received a lower price tag, with each piece of content available for around $1.00.

September 4 brings with it a new free title, and if you haven’t guessed what it is by now, then you definitely need to play this game.  As a primer for Borderlands 2, the original romp through Pandora, Borderlands, will be made free.  For those who haven’t experienced the shooter with a loot twist, this is a great time to dive in before the sequel hits.  Even though I’ve beaten the game, I may have to restart a campaign again as the allure of trophy hunting while playing may be too good to pass up.  And as a bonus, all of the game’s DLC packs, which include a level cap raise and some interesting deviations from the original title, will be marked down 50%.

Two other titles will be available at a lowered price as well for you to pick up after your Labor Day weekend.  SEGA‘s Daytona USA will be reduced by 40% down to a mere $2.99 while the turn-based strategy title Greed Corp will be available for %50 off, at only $2.50.

More information will be released about the rest of September’s updates later on, but for now Borderlands is a great addition to the free game pool for those unfamiliar with the game.  Happy skag hunting, everyone!

via [PlayStation Blog]