Owners of recent PlayStation consoles and handhelds have grown familiar with the onslaught of firmware updates the systems endure.  Every now and then, one of those updates brings along some highly anticipated functionality, such as the PlayStation Vita‘s update, 1.80, which finally includes the ability to play PSOne Classics on the go.

Available now for download, 1.80 includes a number of bug patches as well as functionality including the ability to control the Vita’s menus with buttons rather than the touchscreen.  Most importantly for those who have waited, PSOne titles are now playable on the Vita.  Unfortunately for North American players, this news is not without its caveats.

While European Vita owners can play 129 titles according to that continent’s PlayStation Blog, the US PlayStation Blog is only reporting nine playable titles.  Here is that paltry list:

Strangely, many have mentioned that more than these games can be moved from the PlayStation 3 to the Vita.  Confirmed classics include Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and The Legend of Dragoon according to Sony‘s president of Worldwide Studios and avid Sound Shapes level-maker, Shuhei Yoshida, on his Twitter account.  The discrepancy is an unfortunate one for fans who will have to attempt downloads blindly and simply hope for the best.  No official statement has yet been made about why there is such a gap in the list or what the actual number of transferable titles actually is.

For now, if there is a game you hope to download the best plan may be to try downloading the desired games from your PS3 to your Vita and test out the results.  It’s unfortunate to see the launch of this awaited feature appear so muddled for those wanting to indulge in some nostalgic sessions.  Good luck, Vita owners, and let us know in the comments if any classics you try successfully download.  In the meantime, I will be attempting again and again to transfer the Crash Bandicoot trilogy.