Excited for Hitman: Absolution but perhaps new to the franchise?  Or maybe you want to return to the series as a longtime fan by revisiting older titles.  Whatever the case may be, Square Enix is providing players with an easy and, most importantly, free method of jumping into the Hitman catalog.

Through the service Core Online, players can access Hitman: Blood Money through their browsers for free.  Originally released in 2006, the game should serve as a good primer for those unfamiliar with the Hitman world, and with such a low barrier of entry, make sure to take advantage while you can.  Core Online will work with most PCs and updated browsers, but there is a catch to this free content.  Players earn time to play by watching advertisements, which in exchange gives them access to a certain amount of game time.  This time can be transferred over to another session, so feel free to accrue time and apply it down the line.

Core Online currently only hosts one other game, Mini Ninjas, but Square promises to release more games for the platform soon, including Lara Croft: Guardian of Light.  I have never partaken in the Hitman franchise, but this may as good a time as any to test the waters.  The method of acquiring game time sounds a bit strange, but as it sounds much like the way Hulu works for television, let us know in the comments if this type of system is a way you would like to play games for free.