In not quite surprising move, the PC version of Gotham City Imposters officially goes free-to-play today. The Monolith developed, multiplayer focused FPS that launched in February of this year was met with ‘meh’ reviews. One of the less appealing components of the game was the variety of microtransactions embedded into the game on day one that included aesthetic items to timed experience boosters. In short, despite everyone having paid the $15 base price to play the game, they were being encouraged to pay even more.

As a PC user, I thought that game has some wonderfully neat gadget mechanics included into the multiplayer, but the use of Games for Windows for matchmaking services meant that it was always difficult to find a game. I eventually gave up in a frustrated gasp as I was enjoying my time, but had no desire to spend an equal amount of time waiting for players to connect as I did actually playing. Perhaps going F2P will increase the audience so this isn’t quite as big a problem anymore.

You can check out our review of the XBLA version of the game here.