At the end of the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary in Tokyo, Hideo Kojima and Konami demonstrated the capabilities of their new Fox Engine… With a twenty minute gameplay demonstration from Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, the next title in the critically acclaimed series. The demonstration was done on a current-gen PC, impressing attendees. As the game has also been stated to run on Xbox 360 and PS3, this can be the first title since Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty to appear on PCs.

The demonstration showed how the proprietary engine can handle weather effects like rain, clothing textures and lighting, while simultaneously giving a glimpse at the planned gameplay. Apart from sneaking, which has long become a staple of the series, it is also going to include vehicle driving and ability to call in reinforcements. The entire idea behind the game was summarized as a “Game without Game Over,” indicating that being discovered will not mean Big Boss’ end is at hand.

Why Big Boss? Around the time Ground Zeroes was demonstrated at the 25th Anniversary, Konami updated the Anniversary site with a link to a subpage, with a horizontally flipped teaser image depicting him in a new sneaking suit, with a silenced assault rifle and night vision goggles. His identity is obvious upon aligning the render correctly, as upon closer inspection, one can notice the unique Militares Sans Frontieres insignia on his arm, as well as the eyepatch over his right eye under the goggles. Flipping the image also makes the FOX insignia in the upper left corner and the tag line From FOX, two phantoms were born readable, most likely hinting at the plot of Ground Zeroes.

Teaser image from the 25th Anniversary Site

There also exists a handful of other materials related to the new game. During Konami’s recruitment campaign for (then not yet announced) Ground Zeroes, an artwork depicting Big Boss with a new military patch on his arm was released. The full version of the patch was released later, revealing it to bear the name Diamond Dogs.

At another time, Kojima tweeted a cropped screenshot from Project Ogre, a game he was working on at the time, confirmed as not Metal Gear Revengeance, but another game from the Metal Gear universe.

Finally, for those wanting a glimpse at the Fox Engine in action, here’s a video interview with Hideo Kojima from last year, which includes the engine’s tech demo (not actually part of Ground Zeroes):


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