One of the most interesting developments in the gaming industry this summer has been that of Valve deciding to let consumer participate in the game vetting process for their digital distribution service Steam. The project- titled Steam Greenlight– has now launched and already has 446 games waiting to be rated. I’ve jumped on the service and gladly rated up Air Buccaneers– a game that started it’s life in 2004 as an Unreal Tournament mod.

But all is not well. Already I’m seeing issues, as Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure has been placed in the review queue by someone not associated with the development of the game. Either that or Atari has turned to desperate guerilla marketing tactics. Valve states that the service is not for requests and a commentator has noted that they are reporting the post. While it’s good to see that Valve has committed to the pell-mell ideology of the internet, I worry about how well the community will police these type of ‘request’ posts. If they’re not removed quickly, the service will get clogged by frivolous posts and become unattractive to regular Steam users.

Only time will tell. If you have a Steam account- which you can get for free- head on over to the Steam Greenlight and help make the games you love accessible to more people.