Gorgeous footage from the recently announced Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes has been released by Konami. Keep your eyes open for the brief second of gameplay towards the end.

This trailer is a fantastic piece of CGI and the transition from cutscene to gameplay is wonderfully smooth. I also like that the cinematic seems to be placed at the beginning of the game instead of in the midst of gameplay. That being said: 9 minutes? Really? As someone who has not played any of the MGS games aside from the demo for the first MGS on the PlayStation, hearing about Kojima’s tendency towards long, ridiculous cinematic is exactly the type of thing that keeps me away.

But those are merely personal preferences. For any MGS fans out there, what has got you excited about the upcoming game?

The word is that the game will be coming to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but no release date has been given.


  1. There is a full 14 minute trailer with extended gameplay. It shows off vehicles and helicopter travel.

    Probably a better trailer to use for this article.

      • The author could still write about the information in the full trailer, rather than complain about the 9 minute cutscene in this article. It makes it seem like there is no other content available for preview. I know that very little information has been released as of now, but the PAX interview had a lot of info from Kojima himself, and none of what he confirmed is in this article. Complaining about 9 minutes of cutscene seems far less important to report than the new information from Kojima, and what is shown in the 14 minute trailer. We already could guess that the new Metal gear game has long cutscenes. Not really newsworthy.

  2. Honestly, if the cut scenes deter you from playing, you dont truly understand what kind of craftsmanship you would be having fun with. All previous games have been top sellers on their respective systems and have been amazing stories to boot. If you need a reason to play, the cut scenes should be top on that list, they play out better than most movies now’a’days.
    enjoy both playing and watching how badass this universe is. its worth it.