Microsoft’s Dream.Build.Play competiton- which asks developers to create either Xbox or Windows mobile titles for cash prizes- has announced this year’s winners, and the top game is a bit baffling. The grand prize in the Xbox category went to a game titled One Finger Death Punch, which the developer describes as an on-rails fighter. Here’s some of the game in action:

What surprised me was that fact that the entry was developed by Silver Dollar Games. This is the same studio that has been hitting (clogging up?) XBLIG hard with titles ranging from the girlfriend management sim So Many Girls, So Little Time:

and Who’s The Daddy 2 (yes, there’s a part 1)

to a game about a homeless person titled Homeless

Though I can’t make any definitive judgements about these games as I’ve never played them, none of them seem particularly compelling in a mechanical sense. To be fair, none of these were the games entered in Dream.Build.Play, and One Finger Death Punch seems like an actual thing instead of just a digital version of Guess Who? But I digress. This is not an attempt to speak badly of the dev, I’m just merely surprised. It should also be noted that Silver Dollar Games tied for first place in the 2007 competition.

Runner up’s included Dead Pixels, Ninja Crash and Gateways. The grand prize in the mobile category went to Smirkers, with the runner ups being Pixel Blocked!, Alter Ego, and Cradle To The Grave.


  1. This is just proof that the DBP contest has nothing to do with trying to give indie developers the chance to progress. Silver Dollar have said time and again that they have no interest in making quality games and are not really developers, yet now they will be given the opportunity to put forward a game to XBLA (which I’ll be shocked if they can pass the quality testing) in place of developers who really want to make quality games. Well done Microsoft, another successful failure.

    Oh, and no I’m not a developer that didn’t win. Just an avid indie gaming fan.