If you remember, last week Bethesda announced the imminent release of the next Skyrim content addition- “Hearthfire.” I could elaborate on the details, but Bethesda’s Nick Breckon has already done quite a good job in this video, so I’ll leave it up to him:

We’ve also got some new screenshots from the DLC for those who’re on the fence about it, just look towards the bottom.

“Hearthfire” is currently only available for the Xbox 360 for 400 MS points. While the exclusivity may seem disheartening, PC users can easily enjoy any one of the 1,211 house mods currently on Skyrim Nexus, including modder supernastypants’ “Build Your Own Home” mod. The mod turns this run down shack:

to an impressive outpost:

PlayStation 3 owners… well, actually you should probably remained disheartened. Aside from initially receiveing the glitchiest version of the game, the “Dawnguard” DLC has yet to be released and no access to amazing mods. Apologies.