The Walking Dead Episode 3: The Long Road Ahead picks up shortly after Episode 2, and things are getting worse at the motel. Not only are supplies low, but the bandits are back and in force. You’ll soon find yourself forced out of your home, and looking for a new one.

Telltale‘s strength in the game is, again, the powerful story that they have to tell. It’s a story that forces you to make life-and-death decisions with no right answer, and that you’ll have to live with for the rest of the series. It’s quick to remind you that no character is safe, and that the decisions you make will have real and lasting consequences. The single most difficult click of my mouse I have ever experienced was part of this episode, challenging my moral compass; and that’s what makes The Walking Dead stand out.

The audio in The Walking Dead is simply top-notch. Every sound (and sometimes, lack thereof) is perfect and helps to set the mood. Good voice acting is paramount in a heavy narrative game, and this is some of the best in gaming. It helps to bring the characters to life and make them more than pixels on a screen.

There are some truly great narrative moments in this game

Not everything is perfect, however, and there are a few flaws worth mentioning. The puzzling elements, essential to any point-and-click adventure, aren’t terribly challenging. It’s usually just a matter of clicking on everything until you get the solution, more than anything clever. Luckily, the puzzle elements often take a back seat to character development and decision making. On the plus side, Telltale seems to have worked out many of the bugs present in the previous two episodes, as this particular episode ran more smoothly and without any glitches for me.

The Walking Dead is a must-play for any fan of strong narrative games, and Episode 3: The Long Road Ahead is the strongest in the series yet. If you want to know more about the first two episodes, check out our reviews here and here, and pick this game up on Steam today.


Here’s the Rundown:

+ Absolutely riveting story
+ Top-notch graphics and voice acting
– Puzzle Elements can be a bit bland

9 and 9.5 represent the pinnacle of the genre, a game that defines what that genre should be about. These scores are for games that you not only feel would be worth your purchase, but you would actually try to convince your friends to buy them as well. 

The Walking Dead: Episode 3: The Long Road Ahead was developed and published by Telltale Games. It is available at an MSRP of $24.99 for the full five-episode season, and this chapter was released on August 29, 2012. A copy was provided by the publisher to RipTen for the purposes of review.