While fans of RIFT shouldn’t expect bed in breakfast from Trion, they can at least wake up finally knowing the official release date of the new Storm Legion expansion. The update will launch in both North America and Europe on November 13th with pre-orders available starting today.

As expected, anyone who does pre-order either the standard or the Infinity edition will get early access to the dungeon, Exodus of the Storm Queen, as well as one of the new capes. As an added bonus, those who get the Infinity version will also get a Brevanic Portal Generator, which is fancy in-game talk for a personal transporter, the new Cyclone mount, as well was a mini, but just as evil, Regulos pet.

The standard edition will run you $39.99, while the Infinity one tops off at $59.99. For more information on the pre-orders, you can head to the official website here.