Another Far Cry 3 video! This one continues the same style of action footage voiced over by John Agent Huntley, a true American hero. Watch it here:

While I’ve state that I’m glad this game doesn’t seem to be trying to be Far Cry 2: The Sequel, I do like the call back to the medicine system. For those who didn’t play Far Cry 2, players were randomly struck with bouts of dizziness brought on by a case of malaria that the player had contracted. It added a level of dynamism to the game when in the middle of a firefight, you suddenly had to change tactics as you couldn’t shoot straight due to the visual obstruction. While the details of Far Cry 3’s medicine isn’t revealed in the quick cuts of this video, the allusion is noted and appreciated by a fan of the previous game.

Far Cry 3 will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows come November 29th for Europe and Australia, November 30th for the UK, and December 4th for north America.