We’ve talked about the goofy fun of Joe Danger before, which is why we’re excited to let you know that developer Hello Games is ready for you to start your engines. Next Friday, September 14, you’ll be able to take Joe on his next adventure.

This time, Joe will be taking a ride on more than motorcycles, with mine carts, skis and jetpacks just a few of the modes of locomotion the stuntman will employ.  If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to try out Joe’s first downloadable adventure, you can pick it up this week for a mere 600 msp ($7.50) on Xbox Live Arcade. This is perfect time to hone your skills in advance the 100 new challenges and 40 hours of gameplay that the sequel will bring.

Check out the beautiful scenery you’ll be crashing through in the trailer for Joe Danger 2: The Movie below and our review of the original righhhhhhhhhht here.