Thunder. Wolves. What two words could go better together? What’s that you’re suggesting? Cloud Ponies? Wrong! Thankfully, it’s the good people at Ubisoft and not anyone else who have come up the name for their upcoming, downloadable, arcade-esque chopper game: Thunder Wolves. The following trailer has been released in anticipation of the game:

If you had any doubts as to whether this game was made in France, note the fact that the trailer quotes Predator and then Army of Darkness for some reason within the span of 4 seconds. In fencing, that’s called a coup double.*

The footage looks in-engine, but there doesn’t seem to be any actual gameplay. Expect to see more soon though, as the game is coming to XBLA, PSN and Windows come early 2013.

* A coup double is actually a second hit that comes within 40-50 milliseconds of the last, but I decided to use it to stick with the theme of poking fun of the wonderfully quirky ways of the French.

** Bonus content: What do you call a Double Down in France? That’s right. KFC’s terrible concoction is known as a coup double. The more you know!