Hello Games was kind enough to let us give you one last look at the upcoming Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The game hits virtual shelves on the Xbox Live Arcade this Friday, but you might want to make sure your account is loaded up with the 1200 points necessary to make it yours in advance. Everything that made the original (and it’s XBLA Special Edition”) is here, but the format has changed giving a thematic feel to the tracks.

As you might expect from the title, the game is draped in the trappings of a summer blockbuster. The film’s director helpfully calls out upcoming perils (like barricades to duck under and grenades to jump), along with less-than-productive exclamations of “Escape!” As if that giant avalanche bearing down on me wasn’t incentive enough.

The same sense of speed with flashy tricks is present this time out. Everything has a greater sense of purpose though, thanks to what is otherwise a paper-thin story. Sometimes, all you need is a good premise, and Hello Games has worked wonders with this one.

One of the things that increases the variety, and makes Joe Danger 2: The Movie stand out from its predecessor is the different vehicles available. One of my favorite missions so far saw Joe in a jetpack. The controls are different than they are when piloting the mine cart and other wheeled vehicles, but the challenge remains. I have so far been impressed with how well each level is designed to make the most of Joe’s method of transportation.

For those that delighted in replaying the tracks in the first game to meet the different objectives (like collecting stars or spelling D-A-N-G-E-R), you’ll be happy to know that they are back. Some of them are absolutely devilish, and will require some thinking to achieve (I still have no idea how to nab a banana in the avalanche level).

There is also a track editor and multiplayer modes, which we haven’t yet had the chance to experiment with. That will be included in our full review of Joe Danger 2: The Movie later this week… if we can tear ourselves away from the game. Now, if you’ll excuse me, my friends’ ghosts are taunting me on the track.