It’s been a big year for Steam. The Valve-owned digital distribution company released a mobile app, let loose Source Filmmaker to the public, redesigned their community hub and started up a community led game admissions process all in just the last seven months. Today, the long rumored “Big Picture” mode is finally entering a public beta. Here is Valve’s promotional video:

Kotaku has had early access to the thing and has done a great write up of what you should expect over at their site.

Of course, some video game players will use this opportunity to say something about Half-Life 3 and how the no new information on the game has yet to be released. Others- like Youtube commenter herroyerro here- can read between the lines and see exactly what Valve wants us to find:

Take that as you will.

The Big Picture beta should be available on the Steam client’s frontpage later today.

via [Kotaku]