If you enjoy gaming and support independent developer studios, September 26 is a date to remember. The reason is simple: it’s the launch date for the IndieGameStand, a new service devoted to showcasing and selling independent games, based on a pay-what-you-want model. Every 96 hours (4 days) a new independent game will be featured on the website for purchase and 10% of the proceeds from every sale will be donated to a charity of the developer’s choosing.

Founded by The Indie Game Magazine team, this new service intends to put the best independent titles in the spotlight, in order to support independent developers and studios that would otherwise be most likely ignored by the mainstream gaming community. Joining the service is very easy and can be done through an online form available at the site. Already over fifty developers signed on with the service, including Spiderweb Software, Cipher Prime, Digital Eel, Magical Time Bean, Headup Games and Zachtronics Industries.

IndieGameStand will offer games made by these developers without a DRM scheme. Instead, titles that happen to be available on, say, Steam or Desura, will come with game keys for these platforms. After purchase the game will be available to the user from the online game wallet indefinitely, even after the offer expires. And if you’re running late, IGS will also offer the ability to purchase bundles of three games: the currently featured one, the one before and the one after.

Last, anyone who registers with the service before its launch on September 26 will receive a free copy of Chester, an unique, hand drawn 2D platformer with 50 levels, unlockable characters, light RPG seasoning and 8 different visual styles to choose from.