PlayStation Plus continues its trend of offering new free games for subscribers with the most recent update.  Available now to download are two free PlayStation Network beat-em ups as well as early discounted access to an HD remake of a Dreamcast classic.

Those who have a PlayStation Plus subscription can download movie tie-in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World: The Game and the reintroduction of the Double Dragon franchise, Double Dragon Neon.  Neon just became available on the PSN this week, and returns many of the series’ most familiar faces in a title developed by WayForward Games.  Scott Pilgrim capitalizes on the original graphic novel and subsequent film adaptation’s nostalgic love of pop culture with 16-bit four player co-op.

Additionally, Jet Set Radio will be available to the public next week, but Plus subscribers can download it this week for $8.99.  A remake of the SEGA Dreamcast favorite, this remake comes with HD visuals and, most importantly, trophy support.

Sony will announce more PlayStation Plus perks next week, but in the meantime, enjoy your new round of free games.

via [PlayStation Blog]