Rumors of substantial patches and/or updates to the Madden NFL 13 Connected Careers mode have been circulating around the web and twitter-sphere for the past week or so now.  Just how true are they?  Well, a tip provided to me by Madden 13 Senior Designer and Connected Careers Guru, Josh Looman, may offer up a clue.

I was able to chat extensively today with Josh, and though the majority of our Connected Careers focused discussion will be revealed in my RipTen Madden 13 mega review, yet to be published, I do have one scoop for you passed on to me by Josh himself.

While he wouldn’t be specific in terms of what the suprise announcement was, he stated that the Connected Careers team has been working very hard and has a “shock” worthy reveal up their sleave that they plan to announce either tonight or tomorrow.  And this isn’t something we’ll have to wait months to get our hands on either.  Josh quickly added that they hope to have it in the game within a weeks time from the announcement.

I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that whatever they are working on is much more than a mere roster update.  Josh stated that he initially wasn’t sure if this would be something they would be able to get done in time, but thanks to the dilligent effort of he and his team, it became clear that the feature was on track to becoming possible sooner rather than later. Could this be the highly requested player editing capability? Only time will tell.

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming reveal and our Madden 13 mega review complete with Josh Looman Q&A no Connected Careers fan (or even Franchise Mode lover) will want to miss. I promise.

Update: EA Sports has officially revealed the scoop we reported to you earlier in the day as none other than the return of Fantasy Drafts. Read more about it here.

Update #2: The Ripten MEGA Review of Madden NFL 13 has gone live. If you are looking for the most complete review to date then this is your go to destination.


  1. Looman time and time again has taken hardline no on Fantasy Draft and maybe on Player Editing and Co-Op…..Let’s hope the SHOCK is a trifecta YES that they will all be added with a patch.

      • nice! Connected careers brings some interesting wrinkles. Like Storylines, Twitter Feed. Stat Presentation/organizing and UI Menu’s need overhaul. As a longtime Maddne supporter (since 1998 DOS John Madden Football) I Was completely baffled by the omission of the previously mentioned 3 features.

        • Well 2 of the 3 things you mentioned above were discussed in my conversation with him and in all honesty sometimes they just don’t have the time to get everything done in the time they have to complete it. I can’t say for sure but some of the omissions this year sounded like they may be back for next year. One thing I can say is that Connected Careers is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

          • Would prefer Connected Careers Front Office Mode vs. Being the coach. I like to hire/fire my coaches.

            I am sure Co-Op and Editing were the 2 you refer as for some reason Josh is taking hardline on Fantasy Drafts.

            The funny thing is they get so many requests for it that they developed the company line “Not included because it isn’t realistic and CCM is designed to mimic a real NFL career”.

            That is a preposterous load for 2 reasons:
            1. It is an optional setting. People who don’t want to use it get the stock roster experience. If that is the case why allow users to turn injuries and salary cap off?
            2. RPG/MMO Style XP Progression. Whether you love it or hate it…lets face it…it does the exact opposite of mimicking the real NFL experience. I have yet to see a core of Defensive Backs be able to magically purchase XP points because their QB threw for 350 Yards in a game. Would rather see XP tied to the player that earned them…and you use them to purchase weekly training session specific for that player. Also as part of progression Allowing teams to use salary cap for Position Coaches and Scouts that are rated with different strengths graded out from A to F as part of player and positional development.

          • Unfortunately, Fantasy Draft is the one thing I did not ask him about – primarily because I have never used it and honestly I consider myself a pretty hardcore franchise player. I will try to loop back around with him and see if I can get you an answer but from my hour long chat (and based on my years of experience also working on user interface and software projects) sometimes it just comes down to time and majority ruling in favor or against a feature.

            We talked about several things that ended up on the cutting room floor – I won’t mention them all but believe it or not they tried out some of the things you talked about and sometimes they sound easier to do on paper and once you put them into action they just don’t work the way you thought they would. For example, some coaches don’t have a say in the draft if they are new coaches. That stuff is handled by the GM. Now, if they had a mode that made it so that your newly created coach had no say in the draft I could see some people saying “that is bull crap! I want to pick my players!”

            Sure, they could come out next year with a GM Connected Career but then you would have no say into the coaching. Or an owner Connected Career that had you sitting in an office counting your money and figuring out what promotion to use to put asses in the seats for your next home game. The bottom line is, Josh said that the previous franchise mode made it unclear as to who you were, and if you think about it you would have to agree.

            The previous franchise mode turned you into a God. You weren’t an owner, or a GM, or a coach….you were all those things. It was fun sure, but the direction they are headed now is one that requires you the gamer to select you role. So my question to you is this, if you could be only one at a time…either a GM, an Owner, a Coach, or a player…which would you be? Me personally, I’d rather be a Bill Parcels type coach that buys the ingredients for my cooking (drafts the players) than a Daniel Snyder…although I bet his house looks pretty darn sweet and I wouldn’t mind access to a private jet either. :)

            As for the progression and XP, from what I understand based on my talk with him, the XP is tied to player goals. So if your goal as a player is to throw for 4000 yards it will unlock a massive amount of XP when you do so. My advice to you here (because it frustrated me at first as well) is to do this: Set your XP to manual (don’t let the CPU level your players) and wait til the end of the year to spend the XP. Also, keep an eye on the goals for each player and try your best to hit them. Now, when you do both of those things successfully you will see players at the end of the year with 40K XP. Figure out what you want to update that will make the player better for what you want them to do. For example, you can by the clutch feature for a player and they will step up big time when it counts. That will run you 20K.

            The other thing that Josh mentioned is to not get too caught up on the rating number. It is not the be all end all – and taking his advice proves to be correct. For example, I have two starting corners on my team that are 68 and 73. They are shut down corners. Get picks left and right. They lack awareness (very low like 23-30) but they have great play recognition and intangibles (i.e. speed, coverage, etc).

            At the end of the day you have to go with what works for you and the scheme you are in. Besides, if you could level everyone to 99 you couldn’t afford them. I am having a hard time keeping my team together and I only have a handful of players over 90…like 3-4. The new resigning setup is a lot more unforgiving. Gone are the days of turning your star safety into a kicker and signing him for pennies on the dollar. You need to make some cut throat decisions in Madden 13 and because of that I am grateful for players that perform well on the field in my system that don’t score off the charts in the number arena because if they did I could never afford them.

            Keep in mind, the game is not perfect. They know that. Some of the things we are pointing out as fans are bugs and they are working to fix them. Other things are mistakes in judgement on their part and they are working to correct those as well. However, some of the things that we may not like are here to stay so if we as fans can find a way to enjoy Connected Careers for what it is and add feedback to improve it without demanding that things go back to the franchise days of old then that would be a step forward for everyone.

            Hope this helps. If I missed anything let me know.

          • my prediction is

            1. Patch to Add Position/Uniform/Accessory Editing (no ratings editing)

            2. Patch to Add Co-Op/multiplay

            3. They will continue to ignore the most requested Add feature Fantasy Draft.

            I would be GM or you could Combine OWNER/GM/Presidnt into one CCM FRONT OFFICE MODE. Again for me Franchise Mode means i am in control of the Franchise. I don’t get fired after 2 years of building my team and have to start over….i fire my coaches and rebuild from top down.

            Coaches are not usually responsible for draft or player transactions. Most coaches have no say or limited say in draft. Coaches are consulted or involved but more often than not the GM/President will be in charge. To be realistic you would have to go team by team and look at their structure which would be bad formula. For Example…if you are CCM by Coach but the team you control has the GM handle draft function then you don’t get to participate in the draft other than making a suggestion/wish list for the GM. By that logic…IN CCM as Coach some teams shouldn’t get to Participate in Rookie Draft as a Coach (Same Goes for Contract Negotions, FREE AGENT SIGNING, Etc….These are not coach functions).

            On Coach Hiring/Firing…Actually with a few exceptions Coach Hiring & Firing is a GM Function. Even though the GM is supposed to treat head coach as a near equal they are also usually primarily responsible for their hiring and firing. Even in most circumstances where a team has let both coach and GM go they will first hire the GM and have the GM conduct the coach search and hiring.

            If that is a direction then next year they need to add CCM Front Office (Complete with Traditional Franchise Options that users expect).

            RE: XP Progression was more referring to the fact that you earn XP via these various achievements of individual players that can be used to purchase position upgrades etc. affecting other players and positions. I know my player does earn player specific XP but there is still the dynamic that lets purchase the ability to stave off your Kickers retirement based on achievements of other players. It’s moot for me. The XP is more of a bizarre thing to me rather than a complete annoyance. In other words i can live with it……it’s not make or break.

            I can’t live without fantasy draft or position editing and a large # of people can’t live without multi-player. Fantasy Draft adds the largest amount of replay value for me. Generally when i get the game….i play mainly offline franchises using a variety of teams. By december i will have probably played significant franchise time using 6-10 differing teams with stock legit rosters. At that point i begin to get bored auditioning using various teams where the players are restricted to stock roster and from January until Next Madden my franchise play is usually started with Fantasy Draft. Not only is this fun to build your team from nothing it is a great way to experiment with players that you would otherwise may not have played with because you never would have used their team in a franchise. I find it a great way to audition rookies as well as find players that i want to use when i play online. Additionally whether its online or offline it is a cool feature to start a year with fantasy draft so everyone has an equal shot at building their team vs. last man to join getting stuck with the teams no one else wanted and with the least amount of skill. Don’t get me wrong i love strict sim leagues online that use legit stock rosters and do not allow free agent pickups but i also enjoy progressive leagues and concept of having a stake in having drafted every single player on the squad.

            In summary…i am not saying go back to traditional franchise mode. Incorporate it and don’t strip the features people love. Restricting people from holding a fantasy drafting or changing a Tackle to a Guard or preventing them from having a multi-player offline franchise does nothing to enhance to gameplay. Take the CCM Model fix the mixing stat/award categories and make the UI interface less clunky. Add back in the missing features and you have a winner.
            Appreciate your candor and take. Good discussion.

          • and if when all is said and done fantasy draft not included as 2013 patch…..will he commit to making it part of CCM for 2014 given the outcry over its removal.

          • Ok first off Brad, I laughed out loud at Jerry Jones Megalomaniac. Good one. And thanks for the compliment – you never know, Brad might be reading this thread. The internet is open to everyone. :)

            As for number 1 on your prediction list, believe it or not I would love the ability to edit player positions more so than the ability to edit their stats, and I’ll tell you why.

            Currently I am willing to live with stats – especially as I start to get into fantasy players. Sure it bothers me a little with the real guys like Steve McLendon (I’m a Steelers fan). Seeing him as the 4th string DT on the starting 2013 roster when I know he is currently slated as the starter is frustrating at first but once you get five seasons in he and most of the other players are an afterthought. Now, the reason I would like to see position editing more is because I think it helps in two ways. It helps change the goals for that player which effect their XP gain and it makes it easier to trade them when a team is looking for a player at that position. Not to mention it will force Skip Bayless to stop calling me out on Twitter for going into my 4th season without a ROLB when I have one…he is just labeled as a DE and there is nothing I can do about it.

            However, based on my talk with Josh I didn’t think that player editing in terms of positions would be happening anytime soon because of the amount of work he told me that would require on the back end to make it play nice with the XP system. That said, he did tell me at the start of the call that he couldn’t confirm or deny features or patches or give dates on anything specific so there is a chance that it could make it in. What I think is more likely, if we see editing, is that we see the stat editing and not the position editing. Which I am guessing would make you very happy.

            As for Co-Op and Fantasy Draft, as I told the previous commentor, I didn’t ask about either of those. Now, when you mentioned the “true coach mode” I agree. I did bring up with him that the game currently lacks auto-passing or robo-qb and it seemed to me that he agrees it should be in there so hopefully they can patch that in at some point. Same with CPU vs CPU though I am less confident that ability will be back at any point this year though when I brought up to him that the CPU vs CPU is no different than hitting super-sim within the game he did agree. Hopefully they bring it back as a more visual alternative to super-sim to help reinforce the authenticity of being the coach because lets face it – there really is no point in buying upgrades for a QB like “sense pressure” and “throw the ball away” when you are the one forced to control him — even in coach mode. And yes, Franchise mode meant you controlled the franchise and this is not franchise mode. Is there a way to bring back things like selling hot dogs in the stadium and stadium upgrades, relocating,…it’s all possible but honestly, I have no idea how they would do it if the goal is to make you the coach and have you play as the coach. The only thing I could think of is to have three modes. Coach mode, Player mode, and God mode…but I won’t be holding my breath on that one. In all my years of playing Franchise mode I never relocated my team, maybe because I can’t picture Pittsburgh without the Steelers, and I never fired my coach. So what is it that coach mode doesn’t have if you eliminate those two things? Off the top of my head, stadium upgrades and some other odds and ends like home game promotions, setting ticket prices, etc. I might be missing a few things but overall I think CC is workable with some fixes.

            I’d like to see assistant coaches added back so you have ways to see new coaches come up in the ranks outside of created ones. As for the GM and Owner, maybe they can come back as CPU figures for each franchise that you can converse with via your action center. In the end, the only thing that is really off the table here in CC coaching mode is the ability to fire yourself and still remain with the team you love. They could bring back all the other GM/owner aspects if they want considering the coach already has control over many thins he never would in real life anyway as you mentioned. Relocating the team as a head coach? Why not. You have the ability to trade away any player you want and decimate the roster now so why not give you the keys to the franchise all together. It’s a good point.

          • Even without 3rd mode fantasy draft needs to re-appear either via patch or at latest in 2013 as part of coach mode (even though a coach wouldn’t conduct fantasy draft and it wouldn’t happen in the nfl is not an excuse for its exclusion. There would never be a season without injuries or salary cap but ability for the user to control those settings shouldn’t just simply disappear in the name of realism)

            other than
            i liked hiring/firing coaches and having the pool of candidates graded with different strengths just like player. At the very least i think we should be able to hire scout(s) and have option to have completely CPU controlled scouting or have your scout SIM the process on any given week (when you select to sim scouting for a week you could also designate how many points he can use that week)

            the other feature i would really like to see is to be able to SIM multiple weeks at a time or SIM full season.

            Many times i sim the first several seasons building my team over 3-4 seasons playing a few games here and there. When i have the team built where i like then i will often play entire seasons. Additionally, maybe when i get the team built how i want or i am playing the games each week vs. simming because of a particularly rookie RB/QB etc. that i really liked and they get hurt….i might SIM the games until his return.

          • so far only official word is fantasy draft online only tomorrow.

            that is a good start…but really…surely they are implementing offline also…90% of the requests for it are people who use it in OFFLINE MODE.

          • if nothing else it’s a good sign. i am thinking what they are updating for online they will add to offline just slightly later because it will have to be a full patch vs. just online update. At least it’s a sign that their ears are partially open. The first step to fixing a problem…is admitting you have a problem.

            they keep saying “more to come” so thinking more details tomorrow after they roll it out

          • crafted the following last night and posted in Ea Madden Forum…thought i would share with you:
            Thanks you EA for Adding Fantasy to Online. But please continue to listen to the pulse of your community.

            Adding Fantasy Draft today for online ccm is a start and at least a sign that EA is at least somewhat listening. I hope the plan is to provide this in offline mode as well.

            EA at least has extended some portion of olive branch and shown they are willing to try to improve the product. There are more things that need to be addressed and it doesn’t mean we should stop voicing our wish lists/disappointments….I firmly believe you catch more fly’s with honey. It is fine to make noise and make yourself heard…..but I do think the more constructive it is the better chance you have of being heard. Don’t start you post with insults attacks or threats. State clearly and constructively what you want or miss…..what it meant to you and others (DETAILS – HOW YOU — USED IT). I say this not as an insult but I really think there was/is somewhat of a disconnect. Whether it was Looman or someone else guiding the direction I really don’t think they understood the level to which people value offline mode as well as some of these backbone features and level of customization/accessibility….and really didn’t understand how people were using them and/or how they enhanced the users experience/replay value of the product.
            All that Said Let I get down to it:

            I know it is hard to measure because we don’t appear as an online IP Address but OFFLINE players is the biggest Madden DEMO. Most people that play online and/or MUT are also ardent offline franchise fanatics.
            Yes the online franchise community is booming….but a large part of those #’s is in fact persons who value the offline mode every bit as much or more than online. It is not Mutually Exclusive. Most people who play online don’t just do so exclusively and vice-versa.
            A large # of madden players are 27+ with families, jobs, children. I like to play in online leagues but generally have to do ones where we only advance every 2-4 days because I can’t always coordinate a game with another person with a 24 hour window. So usually my online play is every 4 days (or maybe every 2 if I am in 2 simultaneous online leagues) I am playing offline ccm/franchise EVERY day because I can play it when it fits my schedule (when I get 30 minutes to hour here or there)….not when my opponent is free and not at the mercy of whether or not the server is working when I get some alone time with madden.

            [b]Reasons Owners Will ALWAYS SHOUT FOR OFFLINE MODE to be included and treated equally and WHY EA SHOULD LISTEN:[/b]
            1. [b]COMMUNITY [/b]- EA Should Promote Family And Friends participating together face to face/In Person every bit as much as online. Community extends beyond an online lobby and being a gaming company catering to demo’s that include children should reinforce this. I have a 6 year old son who I really getting into Madden. Right now we just play quick play mode…but would be fun to spend father son time together with us each having a team in an offline CCM Mode in the near future. Online league great. But if you have friends that are close or even siblings/family it’s great to have some face to face interaction and play a madden franchise offline with multiple human teams.
            2. [b]CONVENIENCE [/b]- Like I said…like a lot of serious madden gamers…I am married, work, have children. I want to play madden when I can….not always dependent on when someone else can schedule the game or dependent on the server working. Last night was great example….after seeing the news…I had some free time after wife and kids went to bed and figured I would set up online CCM with me as only human team just for test run and see how it would compare. I was pleased to see format identical to offline CCM. The problem…I spent 30-40 minutes building my team…making cuts, signing players, making trades, simming season one and offseason…rookie draft etc. As I was setting my depth chart to prepare to play first game of season 2….I got the dreaded freeze on depth chart position sort dropdown. System froze…possibly lost progress? I say possibly lost progress…because I don’t know…I couldn’t save anything but when I restarted the xbox I couldn’t resume my online CCM because EA Servers were down. Here I was salivating at the mouth to play my franchise and I couldn’t. If online was my online option I would have been screwed. Not only can server problems render game unplayable for people at times some people do not have stable fast internet and their CCM experience would be greatly compromised if….EA continued and took the stance of "look just use online CCM it’s the same thing you just choose 1 human team and rest cpu".
            4. [b]ACCESSIBILITY.[/b] You want the game to be accessible to more people right? Accessibility should be the Selling Point of Offline Mode. Let’s face it some players are never going to get good enough to be anything but frustrated and discouraged playing on line taking beating after beating mercilessly (often times with their opponent talking smack the whole time). Ease, Customization, Accessibility. Play the game you want is the hallmark of Offline Mode. You can implement settings and levels of customization in Offline Mode that make it more accessible to player’s offline that you couldn’t do online (Turning off Salary Caps, Editing Players, Force Trades etc.) Those features wouldn’t go over in online league because they would be abused leaving human competitors at disadvantage. In offline mode….it doesn’t matter because the only important thing is the satisfaction, comfort, and playability for the person playing it. Makes it more accessible to disabled consumer. Some people are unable to use a controller proficiently or for long periods of time due to a physical disability. This is where the coaching mode…just play called would add to accessibility. One of the company lines I was getting when asking about Fantasy Draft was that “it wouldn’t be added because it was not realistic and the CCM was trying to mimic the current real life NFL Experience. Giving people options that enhance accessibility, playability, and customization for a broader base of players does not lessen REALISM because they are Options….those who want more realism don’t have to use options. Playing a season without injuries or salary cap…not realistic…but it is nice to turn them off for some users. Those options Are present so why make the excuse that other similar settings that were removed were done so for authenticity and realism. Not Bashing The XP system…but the realism excuse rings even more hollow when you consider that the hole basis for XP and Progress is a very unrealistic RPG System that the user has not control to turn off. So in a sense you are saying OPTIONAL settings that provide less realism are taboo and going to be shuttered while an XP system that does the opposite of mimicking real life NFL and can’t be turned off is good to go?
            5. [b]LONG-TERM QUALITY & SURVIVAL OF MADDEN SERIES[/b]. The Madden consumer makes the online community what it is and relies on having more ethical/fair/positive participants. If EA Continues to ignore, tries to force people into online CCM, and/or completely does away with offline CCM and its expected backbone of features ultimately the entire madden community will suffer including online #’s. As I mentioned…have been playing madden as long as anyone…since DOS John Madden Football in 88. Do you think the large % of your 30+ madden faithfuls are dinosaurs that do not play online at all and you need to force us there by tampering with or removing offline mode? If so your mistaken….most of us play online as well (though we prefer to find adult or 18-21+ sim leagues with guidelines because just jumping into any league or playing matchmaker is an extremely disappointing experience: Smack Talk, cheaters, cheesers, quitters, disconnects, etc.). We are a large part of the people that inflate your online participant #’s. WE ARE PLAYING ONLINE…we just don’t want to play ONLY ONLINE. A large % of these longtime users will start to walk away if you abandon them….which will in fact put a significant dent in both the QUANTITY and equally important the QUALITY OF ONLINE PLAYERS AND LEAGUES. If you fall into the category that would walk away if that direction is taken…….don’t just say i am walking away if you don’t include X……..Explain Why X is important and what it means to you and the madden community/future, Many of us have been playing the game for over 2 decades and it is a very personal thing for us so it shouldn’t be hard to translate that into sharing where your passion for the game/series comes from vs. just being negative. Likewise…if you don’t see the value of a particular feature don’t bash people who do. Why kick someone when they are down….it might be your favorite feature that gets ignored next. There are plenty of features i could live without or modes i do not play (MUT) but i would stand with my fellow madden users if it were removed and they were left out in the cold.

    • I understand where you are coming from David, but I also think I understand why he said it. The way I took it was that they heard the feedback from their community and they were trying to get it addressed for their fans as quickly as possible. Maybe “please” would have been a better than “shock” but I understood what he was trying to get across though I had no idea what the actual update would be at the time.

  2. i want to be able to import my character from ncaa… and i want to make a character who then gets drafted into a random team, rather than picking the team he’s on… also, female game faces, even if it is on male animations. it’s bs that girls can’t have their faces in without taking the option of girls away from tennis and golf. the guys that play aren’t really playing either, so why not allow girls to put heir faces on football and soccer players?

    • I hear ya Jennifer. When I messed around with Game Face this year the first thing I did was show my wife and she laughed. My face looked accurate but I looked like I was about 17 years old. Once she got done laughing she immediately asked me if I could put her in the game and my answer sadly was no.

      As for the NCAA import, I think that we will see something like that next year when NCAA moves to the new physics engine. I am really looking forward to that as well, but at the same time, I understand why it didn’t happen this year after my talk with Josh. As he explained it, there is a lot going on with the code on the back end and there was also a lot of content written for the draft stories. In all honesty, I am someone that enjoyed importing the NCAA draft but with the great job they did on draft stories this year, I didn’t miss it as much as I thought I would.Thanks for the comment.

  3. So EA decides to finally fix this game by revealing a shocking announcement? Nothing shocking about it. They took out so many of Madden’s key features and forced people who paid $60 for this game to play it the way EA wanted it to be played. Editing players is key to a lot of people because EA doesn’t always get the equipment right. I could care less about being able to edit player ratings. Madden 12 was a great game. I don’t know why they blew things up. Connected Careers has been a huge FLOP. The slogan used to be “this is the gamers game” but that has changed. It is now EAs game. And part of the problem lies with the NFL for being selfish and only giving EA the rights to the players names and all that is the NFL. IF other companies were allowed to put out NFL football games it would force EA to finally put out a GOOD product instead of patching it up within weeks of its release.

    My other problem is that EA is fixing things for the ONLINE gamer. Well news flash EA we don’t all enjoy playing online. Some of us CAN’T. We all paid the same amount for this game. So instead of fixing up just the online part by adding fantasy draft, fixing tuners, EA should start focusing on fixing ALL of Madden.

  4. I’ve left the following with EA on the website.. along with a phone call to EA Sports…

    Something has to be done about this.. I feel so disrespected and disregarded by EA Sports!!

    I am part of the 40+ generation and I can’t believe Madden would do such a thing to the generation that put the franchise on the map!! You MUST bring back Franchise Mode/Season Mode. I want to be able to play with mu…ltiple teams in any 1 season, with rosters I put together (tweeked or not). We all don’t have the time to play “on-line” most of us like to play off-line with our kid(s), family and friends (no disrespect to the on-line gamers, I’m glad Madden is user-friendly like that, but you can’t leave us ORIGINAL GAMERS in the dark and forget about us. I pre-order my Madden Every Year after the NFL Draft, I’ve stayed TRUE to the franchise through the years but now I feel as if the franchise is not being TRUE or even care about me and my generation.

    I have NEVER felt so DISRESPECTED by EA Sports in my 22 years of playing Madden Football. EA Sports, you HAVE TO MAKE THIS UP to us LOYAL Madden Fans!! I have passed my love for Madden down to my Son, who is 17 now and I just can’t believe this has happen so myeslf and other LOYAL Madden Fans.

    I’m beyond FRUSTRATED!!!