Look boss, de tweet, de tweet!

Sorry, had to get that out of my system.  On to the news. As you can probably tell by the retro TV image above, EA Sports has pulled the curtains back on the Madden NFL 13 exclusive scooped feature we reported to you earlier in the day with an announcement via their official Twitter account.

It’s back. (end press conference)

If you’ve been clambering for the return of  Fantasy Drafts, you will get your wish tomorrow, as long as you don’t mind having an internet connection to do so, because as of right now, the fantasy drafting extravaganza will only be available for the Connected Career Online Mode.

Does the addition of an Online Fantasy Draft make you smile or are you still insisting on more? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. well i dont wanna play with no damn stranger i never met i would like to play with my battle hardened madden buddies on the same console in franchise mode ,just playing quick play has no wieght to it….the games are 10x more amped when its a fight for a playoff spot,also editing players would be nice again for the simple reason that i like to mirror the nfl season if i player puts an armband im gona put a armband on that player its just that simple i actually returned my copy back and got a full refund becuz of this,now dont get me wrong the graphics look crisp and the new engine is great but quite frankly not evrybody who plays madden plays alone they play withs friends ( not online either)

  2. still want player editing. does not make sense that you are a coach and cannot change player positions, numbers, or appearance. It’s not full control they say you have.

  3. People are going to continue to complain about what they aren’t putting back in, but, even though I rarely used the fantasy draft feature and didn’t miss it one bit, I think this is hugely positive news. It was probably the most desired feature the community wanted added back into the game and, despite a public aversion to it, EA listened and put it back in. Makes me cautiously hopeful that some of the other big changes I really do want added back (player editing being at the top of the list) will be coming sooner rather than later.

    • I hear ya. Based on my hour long chat with Josh the other day, I can tell you he is a really passionate guy and he gets it. They aren’t going to be able to make everyone happy all the time but I think this as well as their track record in the past proves that they do listen to their community and if time permits they will try their best to address things.

      • Gee thanks josh looman. Save the passion story like EA is giving to the poor or to the charity. We’re all paying 60 for a game that’s been severely broken. Then they have the nerve to come out and say they got an update that is shock worthy as if they’re doing us a huge favor. No. We’ve all been robbed. You should be updating all these and practically be on your knees and begging for forgiveness.

        If EA put half the effort 2k sports puts in, we’d be playing a better madden franchise. Screw nfl and ea sports for exclusive license. No competition has ea robbing our money year after year.

        • I’m not the enemy here Anthony. Merely telling you that he did sound passionate when I talked to him. Did he deliver a product that is making every NFL football fan happy? Clearly not, but I am also convinced that no product will make everyone happy.

          That said, does the game have flaws? Sure. I am still holding out hope for them to continue issuing patches. Also, I’m not a big fan of the exclusive license either. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Im glad they are putting fantasy draft back in. If they didn’t add any features to it at all I would also like to see the create-a-team feature put back in. Nice to start a team with a bunch of nobodies and build them into contenders in CCM. Be nice to know if this was in the works but probably not, I haven’t heard a lot of people asking about it.

    I still love this Madden way more than any previous version and I play on a daily (hourly?) basis.

    • ok i have to say that over the last few years madden has truly gone down hill when it comes to franchise mode.
      i loved the idea of co-op franchise or being able to change teams after a season if you wanted to, i like the ” owner ” aspect of franchise where you had control of updating the stadium to ticket sales to parking i liked that.
      i liked the team moral feature, and REAL fricking coaches all of them
      i think they will bring back importing draft classes way to many people want that feature…( if it worked properly ).
      also i would ask for madden to stop fricking changing the interface ..ok 1 last time if they would use ncaa 12 interface that was a good one..imho.

      • Has NCAA 12 changed that much interface wise? I thought that the new CC mode interface looked a lot like the interface in NCAA 11. Interesting.

        As for the constant change, I feel your pain and that was also discussed. One thing I will say in defense of Madden 13 without a doubt is that change sometimes occurs because you have new people in place. That happens with every company and it will continue to happen until we decide to employ robots exclusively. Some may like the change and some may not.

        I enjoyed team moral as well and though it isn’t back in this year’s CC I do like some of the stuff they have done with contract signings only being open when the player is interested and how if you low ball them they can cut you off from talks and opt for free agency. Not really “team moral” but it is certainly giving you some attitude. I really miss things like dealing with player hold outs etc but I am not sure the NFL will allow that to ever come back.

        Thanks for the comment.

  5. The only way I play Madden is in Franchise Mode, offline in co-op mode and editing my players…that’s what makes Madden fun…without that, the game is useless to me. If it doesn’t get put back in I’ll never buy another Madden again…

  6. I agree, need to be able to edit positions, and to change the team scheme. If I pick the cowboys, and want to switch them to a 4-3, I need to be able to do that without my position schemes changing every time i play a game, then have to go back and change them all again.

  7. Personally I feel that EA struck out with this game. To take away almost every aspect of offline franchise that people like and force them to play the game the way you feel they should is not right. I do feel that the current settings would be good for the online career like the exp points having to earn player stat increases. But offline franchises belong to the user. If I decide to edit every player to a 99 rating then we as customers paid for that right. For me that is the fun part. Everyone who plays madden knows that you guys hardly ever give NFL rookies the credit they deserve, so some of us like to change player ratings, equipment, etc. the fact that this big announcement was the return of the fantasy draft is honestly a slap in the face. We currently have no control over the game. We can’t edit player ratings, equipment, and info. We can’t even adjust the in-game sliders. If we have any desire to improve our teams we have to play the entire pre season, and every practice to improve, so by the time you finish 1 season it feels like you played 10 seasons. Sounds more like work then fun to me. In closing I say again this format for online career ok but for offline to force people to play the game a certain way is not right. I have already returned my game, but I will be watching to see if these features are restored.
    Thank You

    • I agree that editing players and gear should be put back in but I DONT think its game-breaking. A lot of people asked for fantasy draft and they delivered. Also, if you actually read the article by EA they said they are trying to incorporate the edit feature in CCM. This game is amazing and I am shocked at the people who refuse to buy/play it just because a single feature has been (possibly temporarily) omitted.

      Why not actually go through a season in CCM before forming an opinion? You will see that you can essentially “edit” your players through the new progression system. You dont HAVE to play all the pre season games and practices but you will gain extra XP if you do and practice is ONLY for XP for your HC, not players, so I usually dont do it anyway.

      • Well Tusker, you are half right. I applaud your optimism and I wish more people could do the same but the XP does apply to players in practice, online only. They are hopefully going to fix that but the thing here that bothers me the most, more than the lack of editing, is that they seem to be favoring updates for online first and that is not fair to the offline players. In essence they are saying buy the game new and commit to our online play system or you will have to wait for updates online players get earlier.

    • This probably won’t make you feel any better, but from what I understood in my talk with him, the offline version of the game does not improve players in practice in the same way it does online. So I haven’t even bothered to run practices and I won’t until they fix it offline.

      I am with you on taking the wait and see approach though. I’m still holding out hope that more features get patched back in. Thanks for the comment.

  8. A complete waste of an update in my opinon. I only play offline franchise mode and it has been completely gutted. Game is just worthless to me. I’ll never buy another MADDEN title. NFL2k5 was the best NFL game ever made in terms of features. Someone should recreate that model, with todays graphics and game engine! Now THAT would really be a “SHOCK REVEAL”!

    • Agreed! Having a Crib with upgrades and collectible bobbleheads was great, and the trophy case to actually display gaming achievements was a nice reward.

    • I too play offline but it seems like they are very interested in moving towards a pure digital model with online being their primary focus shift. Do I like it? Not really but I am at the very least willing to give them a shot and see how it turns out. Yes, this year’s Madden is not the full experience Franchise lovers have gotten used to over the years BUT while there are omissions there are also a slew of new additions that are quite enjoyable. My advice is to continue to share your feedback and be as open minded as you can be because while I loved 2K5 as well, I don’t see that coming back anytime soon. Thanks for the comment.

  9. I’ll continue to hope for an offline fantasy draft option. At least the game isn’t set in stone as a finished product. I might just hold off another week before returning the game to see if another update comes to keep me from impending boredom.

  10. I want player editing back.
    I’d also like to be able to bring up a player card from the depth chart or trade screens like in past games. If I am going to trade for a guy I’d like to be able to quickly look at his past experience and his current contract, this has been a huge omission as it frustrates me. Now if that is able to be done, please tell me how cause I am tired of going back and forth from menu to menu for this.

    • A bit harsh Jason. There were lots of fans out there upset about the lack of Fantasy Draft. I am with you in favoring the edit feature more then the Fantasy Draft (because I never use that). However, just because we want it more doesn’t make our request anymore valuable then those who wanted the draft back. Hopefully they address both. Thanks for the comment.

  11. I don’t understand why they took away franchise and gave us superstar and a broken coach mode. Superstar never worked very well and still has the problems it used to (how many minutes do I use to get the stats around a 15 minute nfl game?) Coach mode is a gutted franchise mode, only the players don’t progress realistically and the objectives dictate how you play the game, instead of playing to win. Otherwise, your players will get worse, so game-planning is off the table. Giving us the fantasy draft is an attempt by EA to stop the bleeding. The game is a poor effort as a whole. The new engine makes tackling more real, but the graphics are goofier than ever and the physics make no sense at all. If 2k ever gets a license, Madden will be dead in the water with how they’ve treated their fans.

    And critics are still blowing sunshine up their bums.

    • I think the biggest thing here is that the game has changed so much this year and the lack of a manual outside of what you see in game is really hurting the players ability to adapt to the changes. I am not having a problem bettering my players but using the standard “play a game and then progress the players” approach was killing me until I decided to wait till the end of the season and do it. Also, if you really want to get the most out of leveling your players, it’s not based on generic in game performance. Say a player has a goal of three sacks for example, if you get 20 tackles but don’t get any sacks you wont max out your XP potential for the season. Goals = HUGE XP.

      Trust me, I am not the type to blow sunshine up anyone’s bum. The reason I have yet to post my review is because I wanted to speak to Josh Looman, which I did, and see if they get some of these other things straightened out.

      That said, the game is not completely broken in my opinion. There are some things that I feel are very annoying but at the end of the day it depends on why you buy the game. If you buy the game for the traditional franchise experience, you will likely be disappointed, but if you buy it for sporadic pick up games with friends then you will most likely love it. And last but not least, if you buy it with an open mind willing to give CC a chance, you will like aspects and find some bugs or quirks confusing if not down right frustrating. Thanks for the comment DROCKZILLA.

  12. they need to update the connected careers roster & allow us to edit rosters rather than give us a stupid fantasy draft option….i swear the makers of this game are losing touch with the fans

  13. Admittedly connected careers has hurt both of the modes that it meant to improve, but it is moving in the right direction. No one should expect a brand new game mode to be perfect on day 1. I think that through updates (and yearly improvements) this game mode has the possibility of becoming the best career mode on any sports game. I would like 2k to be able to make nfl games also because competition drives innovation.

  14. It’s all well and good that they put the fantasy draft back in for those who use it. The biggest missing piece for me is the inability to use NCAA Draft Classes. I have read this is an issue with incompatible game engines, but I still miss it.

  15. The biggest ommissions in my eyes is Co-Op CCM and player editing. There is a significant amount players that only play madden for Co-Op mode whether offline or online. I think an online coop where players could be on the same team as a player or coach would be the biggest step forward in madden imaginable. Could you imagine having a league or team where all individuals on a team could be controlled by human players and a coach/gm could be coaching that team? That would be a virtual NFL and pretty darn cool. They have a similar feature in their NHL 13 game called GM Connected, why not in their biggest sports game and possibly the biggest sports game ever Madden? No idea.

  16. thank goodness they brought back the fantasy draft!! all my friends do a big fantasy draft every year. i agree with most of the posts about the edit features also. but with the co-op thing, all of the friends i play with have their own xboxs and dont need mine to be able to play a game against me… so that part isnt a deal breaker for me. dont get me wrong because i do play offline but i normally play offline by myself or as myself, the gameface feature is really cool. i too think that the interface is kinda hard to find things. and i miss the ncaa compatibility, thats why i get ncaa so i can play as my school and import the draft classes to madden, but just like years in the past, for example like when they made the transition from the original xbox to xbox 360(the first madden on 360 had no features really at all), the games have gotten better so i think they will take the good things from this game , which there are some, and fix things with updates and in the games coming in the future