You can’t send the fourth installment of a blockbuster franchise like Gears of War to market without some serious play testing, and thanks to a timely tweet by Epic Games Design Director, Cliff Bleszinski, we get a glimpse at the process taking place deep inside what I can only assume is their Cary, North Carolina based bulletproof bunker.

As you can see by the whiteboard scribbles to the left of Cliff’s head, he and his team have noted some gibberish next to the Xbox 360 controller Y, LB, and D-pad down buttons.  What it actually says is beyond me., but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to guess.  From the top down, I’m going to go with Sushi Gun, Goo Shooting, and my personal favorite, T-bag.

Gears of War Judgment is being developed by Epic Games and People Can Fly Studios, and is set for release in March  of 2013.